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PAN FRIED MAHI-MAHI FILLET (Chef's special for JULY 2016)

A mouthwatering dish fish lover will enjoy, sautéed with butter, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper to taset and fresh basil for aromatic herb experience.


A variation from the traditional bbq flavored ribs, infused with a robust Asian Flavor using our popular teriyaki marinade recipe. Grilled beautifully with shiny glaze that sticks to your finger.

FISH PAUPIETTE w/ Saffron Cream Sauce

This dish epitomizes Frindian Food, combining classic French and Indian twist with white fish contrasting beautifully with the yellow sauce. The taste is subtle yet complex. It is the perfect recipe you will surely love.

Pollo Vascongado

A traditional and authentic dish from Spain made of delicious chicken, shrimps and added with wine. A taste that you will never forget.

Chef Agustin Villarante

Enjoy our Chef Agustin Villarante's Favorite and Mastered Recipes that would delight your taste buds and send you through a nostalgia of high gastronomic satisfaction.

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