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The Casino Español de Cebu, Inc. is a non-stock, and non-profit corporation domiciled in the City of Cebu, Republic of the Philippines, organized for the purpose of providing its members, their spouses and minor children, social, recreational, sports and cultural facilities and activities proper for a good organization formenting unity, promoting the Spanish language and culture, and the spirit of harmony and cooperation among members, absolutely disregarding racial prejudice, political creed and religious beliefs.

The Spanish Tradition lives on through Casino Español de Cebu. It is Cebu’s club of choice - a well patronized, financially sustainable world-class landmark where families, friends and guests relax, meet and consider it their second home; where members, guests and Cebu’s elite gather to talk and transact business.

Our mission statements are to offer excellent food with efficient services at the most competitive prices that delight our members and their guests; to ensure that our impressive physical structures, excellent recreational and leisure facilities and amenities are well-maintained; and to promote an atmosphere of collegiality and camaraderie among its members through various relevant activities.

Enjoy our Chef's Favorite and Mastered Recipes that would delight your taste buds and send you through a nostalgia of high gastronomic satisfaction.
Enjoy discounts on beers during happy hours. Burgers and Pizzas are much cheaper and way more yummier here in Casino.




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